March 27, 2015

What Others Are Saying About Evergreen

What can Evergreen Commercial Realty do for you?  Read testimonials from clients past and present.

It’s an honor to have Lilly Golden as my broker. I work across the country and she’s one of the best in the business.

Guitar Center | Client Testimonial
Guitar Center
Roberto Guerrero, Director Of Real Estate

Lilly did a great job for us in Houston, analyzing the market, pinpointing the ideal locations, and persistently negotiating on our behalf.

Sun & Ski
Sun & Ski
Steve Rath, CEO

Lilly has persistently pursued sites on Hillstone’s behalf for years. Her understanding of current and future market dynamics, ability to explain trade areas and diligence in scouting each and every site has been much appreciated by our company.

Hillstone  | Client Testimonial
Hillstone Restaurant Group
Bill Biel, Director of Real Estate

Evergreen was able to quickly understand our real state requirement and target the ideal us. They have exceptional market knowledge and are incredibly persistent in pursuing opportunities. We achieved one of our highest site approval rates on our first tour of Houston.

America's Best
America’s Best
Tom Carrol, Senior V.P., Real Estate

We can enthusiastically recommend Lilly Golden to others property owners looking for a quality leasing agent. Her market knowledge, persistence and relationships in the community assisted our company in leasing approximately 45,000 sf in The Post Oak Shopping Center to obtain 100% occupancy at above market rents all in approximately 18 months. We are very appreciative of Lilly’s efforts and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Tanglewood Corporation | Client Testimonials
Tanglewood Corporation
Kendall Miller, President

Lilly’s leasing results at Pearland Town Center have been absolutely remarkable. She took the center from 30% occupied to almost 95% in a little over a year. She aggressively pursues deals, has great rapport with our management team and both prospective and existing tenants. I have great confidence Lilly offers CBL the best opportunity to lease our remaining vacancies with the highest possible return. Looking forward to working on many more deals with her in the future.

CBL Associates Properties | Client Testimonials
CBL & Associates Properties, Inc.
Alan Lebovitz, Senior V.P., Asset Management

We can confidently recommend Lilly Golden as a listing broker for property disposition. When a client requested our help to dispose of two 50 acre tracts last year, Lilly immediately had buyers for the available properties at appraised value. We’re looking forward to doing it all again with her soon.

Mischer | Client Testimonials
Mischer Development, Inc.
David Nussbaum, Director Of Development

Lilly is personable, knowledgeable and knows the market inside and out. She quickly comprehended the needs of our clients and brings only sites that are a good fit. Her record of approvals is the best of all our seasoned brokers and I consider her an essential part of our team.

Cedarwood Development | Client Testimonials
Cedarwood Development Preferred Developer
Houston Market For Stripes Convenience Stores And Pep Boys Director Of Site Acquisition

Lilly is really good at spotting potential purchase opportunities, leasing big retail projects and keeping up to date on which retailers will be expanding in Houston. Her relationships, market knowledge and dedicated focus to my project have greatly contributed to the successful leasing of approximately 750,000 SF at Katy Ranch Crossing.

Freeway Properties | Client Testimonials
Freeway Properties
Mike Baker, Principal

Evergreen performed like a partner on this project, providing invaluable insight regarding lease & sale negotiations, and delivering quality tenants faster than I had imagined possible.

Harmony Communities  | Client Testimonial
Harmony Communities
Mark Coleman, Principal

Lilly’s market knowledge is second to none, which is a testament to her drive and focus. She really took the time to ask a lot of questions during our initial conversations and quickly understood what was most important to VCA. We are happy to have her on our team and we look forward to continuing to grow with her assistance.

Vein Clinics of America | Client Testimonials
Vein Clinics Of America, Inc.
Chad A. Cantrell, Real Estate Manager

Lilly Golden has been extremely successful in assisting Aaron Rents with our real estate needs across the country since 1996. We can confidently recommend her to other retailers as our company has found her to be extremely competent in handling a wide variety of transactions including build to suits and very challenging acquisitions and dispositions situations.

Arron Rents | Client Testimonials
Aaron Rents, Inc.
Charles Robert Loudermilk, Jr. CEO

Lilly has always been one of my best brokers regardless of whether I was working for Dollar Tree or 99 Cents Only. While at 99 Cents, Lilly assisted us in entering the Houston market with opening 24, 15-20,000 sf stores, in approx. 18 months. Subsequent to that at Dollar Tree we completed 8 leases and a build to suit in Texas, New Mexico and California. She definitely knows how to spot an opportunity, negotiate an aggressive deal, and finalize all the details to insure a site gains approval the first time. I can highly recommend her to others looking for retail brokerage assistance.

Dollar Tree-99 Cents Only | Client Testimonials
Dollar Tree/ 99 Cents Only
Dane Gladden, Former Director Of Real Estate